The Diagnostic Water Governance Tool

"Easy to use online tool to tackle case-specific water challenges following a diagnosis-therapy-learning approach."

The tool

The Tool supports the implementation of an integrated and adaptive approach based on identified coordination gaps and potential instruments to overcome them. Based on data entered from the respective river basin a “diagnosis” is being given taking into account content variables and coordination deficits. The final output is a “therapy” to remedy identified coordination gaps and case-specific recommendations in form of appropriate coordination instruments.


In many places, water resources are at risk because different types of use are not sufficiently coordinated. The project “Increasing Good for Achieving the Objectives of Integrated Water Resources Management” (Erhöhung der STEuerungskompetenz zur ERreichung der Ziele eines integrierten Wassermanagements, STEER) explores innovative forms of in order to solve such conflicts of use. The focus is on a diagnostic approach, which can be used to investigate typical problem situations and to develop suitable solution strategies.


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