Factsheet #54

Inspection Law

Instrument Type


Governance Level


Governance Mode


Water management topics addressed

Drought & water scarcity
Water abstraction for irrigation and other economic activities
Water quality issues due to nutrient pollution
Water quality issues: Other reasons

Implementation requirements

Financial capacity


Human capacity


Political buy-in


Timeframe for implementation


#54: Inspection Law


An Inspection Law regulates matters relating to state supervision and inspection structures, defines the legal basis for state administrative supervision and inspection activities, and provides the basis for the implementation of state supervision and inspection. 


The Inspection law includes the means to categorise, by means of a checklist, the risk level of a certain operation which determines the frequency of its inspection and the requirement of an inspection report, which is to be entered into the registration database. The law can be implemented by state inspectors of different levels and other actors involved in public administration. It is addressed at business entities. 

Example: The Mongolian Inspection Law

The objective of the Mongolian Inspection Law is to regulate the activity of oversight carried by the state as well as the instruments that are used to this end. The purpose of the state’s activity of supervision and inspection is the safeguarding of human life and health, social and environmental safety, which are considered as superior interests to any other. 
Specifically, the law sets up procedures for planned and unplanned supervision and establishes a variety of parameters to be used for the evaluation of the risk level of a given operation. This risk level determines the frequency of inspection. If circumstances make it necessary, the supervising authority can determine the suspension of activities until improvements are achieved.


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