Factsheet #7

Inter-ministerial committee under one sectoral ministry

Instrument Type


Governance Level


Governance Mode


Water management topics addressed

Drought & water scarcity
Water abstraction for irrigation and other economic activities
Water quality issues due to nutrient pollution
Water quality issues: Other reasons

Implementation requirements

Financial capacity


Human capacity


Political buy-in


Timeframe for implementation


#7: Inter-ministerial committee under one sectoral ministry


Inter-ministerial committees bring together representatives from all ministries relevant to that sector. The committee can be led by one ministry (e.g. water ministry).


A committee could have assigned tasks such as: 
- approving budgets, 
- evaluating strategies, 
- facilitating joint strategies across multiple ministries,

They can also be designed to include relevant stakeholders, such as water users’ associations and non-profit organisations to strengthen civil society participation. 

Example: The Mexican National Water Council (CONGUA)

The National Water Council of Mexico (CONGUA) is an administrative advisory commission responsible for the management of national water resources and the of the country's hydrological system. It also acts to promote social development. 
A Technical Council oversees the works of the commission, approving and evaluating its programs and budget. The council is an inter-ministerial entity, coordinating different water policies and harmonizing strategies of several relevant ministries and agencies.
The Council's Technical Committee for Water and Public Works Operation provides another example of inter-ministerial cooperation and deals with issues related to the operation of dams and hydroelectric power plants in order to optimize .


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