Case Study #19

Greater uMngeni basin

In the uMngeni river basin, population growth and deteriorated urban infrastructure contributes to the high water demand and poor water quality. The picture shows the densely populated catchment area of Henley Dam, one of several dams on the uMngeni river for drinking water supply. (photo by Evelyn Lukat)

Governance Level


Water management topics addressed

Water quality issues: Other reasons; Water abstraction for irrigation and other economic activities

#19: Greater uMngeni basin


The Greater uMngeni basin is a densely populated and highly anthropologically altered area in which water demands for urban, agricultural, and industrial use are high. Since the enactment of the National Water Act in 1998, South Africa still has to implement key components of the act including the catchment management strategies, which aim to outline actions in order to deal with the various demands posed on water resources. During the last 20 years, stakeholders in the area took many voluntary and informal actions while waiting for the official to start. The challenge is to find suitable solutions to the manifold claims to water resources while building on the achievements within the river basin.

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