Case Study #64

Kafr Elsheikh Governorate

Governance Level


Water management topics addressed

Water abstraction for irrigation and other economic activities

#64: Kafr Elsheikh Governorate


Main actors are: Farmers; Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR); Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI); Undersecretary of MALR; Undersecretary of MWRI; Agricultural Cooperatives; Governorate Administration; and Judiciary. The key challenge is that farmers in the summer season do not obey the rice quotas law because of the lack of monitoring and enforcement by MALR. Consequently,  there is not sufficient water in the canals since MWRI supplies water relying on specific rice quotas, which are less than what farmers need and cultivate. The weak coordination is found between farmers, MWRI, which is responsible for the determination of farmers’ rice quotas and water quantity in the canals, and MALR, which is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the rice quotas law. Therefore, in 2018 Cabinet Ministers approved a new law by which the sanctions are more strict, and their implementation is more faster.

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